Dayhiking the OGUL Peak List
1993 - 2011

Last Updated: 8/29/11

With only 63 entries, the OGUL list is one of the easier Sierra Club lists to complete. I had been climbing various summits on the list for almost a decade before I had even heard of the list. Though the sponsoring club section is no longer in existence (part of the nefarious MLCSC plan to rid the state of climbing opportunities according to Pete), the list offers a fine selection of Northern Sierra peaks centered around the Lake Tahoe region. Mt. Siegel was the lone remaining peak for two years before I finally got around to climbing it in 2011 to finish the list. As I was by myself for this final effort, there was no semblance of a celebration at the summit or afterwards. Sometimes big boys don't get birthday parties. I'm good with that.

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