Dayhiking the LPC Peak List
2003 - 2012

Last Updated: 1/4/2013

I found the Lower Peaks Committee selection of peaks a good one. Unlike the HPS which seemingly selects every possible summit over 5,000ft, the LPC's list of 83 summits under 5,000ft is far more selective and consequently devoid of so many minor bumps that the HPS seems fond of. The vast majority of these were done solo, as side efforts while driving through Southern California for other reasons. The Santa Ana Mountains in particular were a more serious undertaking and these took more than a few full days to get to them all, in the end giving me a greater appreciation for this modest, but impressive range.

I enlisted the help of some of my regular partners for others, particularly in Joshua Tree, but it was always taken somewhat as a joke, not really the sort of outing I would normally engage them in. Because I grew up in the San Fernando Valley and still have family in the area, a handful of the ones around there were done with my nieces and nephews who wanted to join me for a short excursion. Almost without exception, I enjoyed these outings the most - introducing the next generation to the outdoors and summit views more than makes up for the whining and complaints that go along with it. And once they reach the summit with sweeping views - the whining is all but forgotten.

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